Nike Hyperfuel 510ml Water Bottle (Choose Colour)

Nike Hyperfuel 510ml Water Bottle (Choose Colour)
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  • Product Information

The perfect way to keep hydrated with Nike's hyperfuel bottle, completely leak proof, lightweight and easy to carry.

The Nike 510ml approx. HyperFuel Water Bottle is made with an anti-leak valve and squeezable construction for easy access to hydration when you need it.


  • Anti-leak valve helps prevent spills and allows you to hydrate on the go
  • Translucent body lets you track consumption
  • Ergonomic bottle design and grip zones allow for easy handling
  • Pliable material lets you squeeze the bottle for faster flow

Product Details

  • Materials: 69% LDPE,19% polypropylene,11% TPE,1% Si valve